4 Paw-fect Gifts For Your Dogs & Puppies In Christmas 2020


Still scratching your head thinking about what to get for your fur kid this Christmas? Well, forget about the usual pet treats, rope toys, or dental chews. We’ve got a bunch of cool suggestions for you!

Petkix Dog Camera 

What could be better for a dog owner like yourself than the chance to watch your furbaby when you’re home alone? The Petkix 360° Pet Camera is one of the most innovative pet gadgets we've seen in a long time. This combination of camera, real-time barking alert, treat tossing and 2-way call function is great fun for owners and pets alike. 

By simply setting up the camera anywhere in the house, Petkix allows you to be there with your furbaby no matter where you are. All you need to do is turn it on, open the mobile app and you can toss treats or stalk your furkids. When not in use, the Petkix will automatically rotate out of view to protect your privacy.


Along with a camera, Petkix features treat-tossing capabilities and a two-way microphone so you can comfort your precious pooch with treats and talk to it throughout the day.

If you're going on a trip this holiday season, you'll be glad you purchased Petkix as you'll be able to have fun without any worries, knowing your fur baby is safe and sound!

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Clever Pet

Puzzle toys make excellent holiday gifts for dogs with separation anxiety for many different reasons. When dogs are left alone, they tend to get restless and quickly stir up trouble, chewing on pillows or shredding paper. The CleverPet Hub is a puzzle feeder that keeps your dogs occupied for a long time. It stimulates your dog intellectually by offering them challenges that get increasingly more difficult. When your four-legged friend touches the right combination of lighted buttons, he will be rewarded with a glorious kibble.

Go Bone

 Made from durable nylon, the Go Bone provides tons of entertainment for your dog (and for you!). The intelligent software inside the toy provides a customized play experience for each dog based on its age, weight, breed, and play style. Your dog can get treats out of it, chase it, chew on it, make it squeak, or throw it up in the air. It can be controlled from your smartphone as well, making it a fun game for the both of you.


Dogs love to play and this kind of activity is vital for physical and mental health. iFetch allows them to play one of their favorite games for hours on end without exhausting owners like yourself in the process.

iFetch might just be one of the laziest, time-saving, pet gadgets ever devised. For all the dog owners out there who are tired of playing fetch with their pets, they can now outsource this laborious task to this handy automatic ball launcher.

This is a very clever device and has proved very popular amongst dog owners. It has also won various pet tech product awards.

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