5 Most Common Home-Alone Accidents In Dog and How To Avoid Them

Dogs are often adventurous, and some are even fearless. Most dogs explore the world barefoot and uninhibited. Unfortunately, the world is full of things that can harm your dog.

Leaving your dog home alone while you’re at the working office all day or being away for a vacation can be stressful for pawrent. There are infinite ways that your dog can manage to find trouble. Accidents happen, do your best to be prepared for them in advance.

According to Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), we’ve compiled a list of 5 most common trouble cause dog injures while home alone and how to avoid them.

1. Cuts and Scratches

Cuts and scrapes are a significant cause of common dog injuries due to our pets’ active lifestyle and their inquisitive nature. Wounds on the body might occur after a dog runs past a sharp object, such as a nail. In some cases, the material becomes embedded in the paw pads or between the toes.

The biggest concern with scrapes and other wounds is infection since bacteria or fungi can settle into the open skin and reproduce quickly. Therefore, if you find a cut on your pup, it is always best to seek veterinary advice.

2. Eye Injury

Eye injuries are fairly common in dogs and can happen for various reasons. It can happen from rough play, chasing small animals through the underbrush, or just digging in the garden. Often the result of blunt trauma, eye injuries are conditions that usually require immediate veterinary care. Some eye injuries are considered emergencies, especially if vision loss is a threat. 

3. Food Scraps

Dogs are infamous for their irresistible “puppy dog eyes” that make it almost impossible to resist their stare without giving in to their demands, including foods. Let’s imagine that you’re eating a meal, and your puppy is staring longingly at you, begging for scraps, remember that they’re manipulating you. They may look like they haven't eaten for days, but as long as you're feeding them their recommended diet, they're pulling your leg. Remember, feeding them scraps isn’t in their best interest and can cause serious health issues. 

4. Foreign Object(s) Ingestion

Like toddlers, our dogs tend to chew anything they can get into their mouths – rocks, broken glass, corncobs, shoes, underwear – even sand. This becomes a severe and potentially life-threatening problem if the objects are swallowed. An animal ingesting a long string or ribbon can develop a linear foreign body, which is even more dangerous.

5. Torn Toenail

Many dogs endure a torn toenail at least once in their lives. In the same way that cuts and scrapes occur, dogs can also catch a toenail on something and injure it. It often requires a visit to the vet, immediately, if serious. Left untreated, a bleeding or broken toenail can result in blood loss, pain or infection, though it is rarely a life-threatening condition. 

In many cases, these dogs need what is called a "nail cutback." Vets typically use local anesthesia and/or sedation to prevent additional pain and relax the dog.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Pup

Instead of getting veterinary care right time your dog gets hurt, you can prepare to keep your dog safe at home while you’re staying away from now on. You can start by pup-proofing their living space. It’s essential to remove any potentially dangerous and ingestible objects from their reach to prevent them from chewing and choking. Remember to make the “safe-zone” readily accessible for your dog to enter and exit. 

Besides preparing your dog before leaving home, periodically checking in with your dog via a camera at home could help avoid further intoxication and accidents. It enables dog parents to care for their dogs remotely and keep them entertained.

How Petkix Can Help

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