5 Ways to Prepare Your Dog to Be Left at Home Alone (Again)

The long period of Covid-19 lockdown has fundamentally changed the relationship between you and your furry companions. With the increased amount of time spent at home, you might have noticed some of the following behavioral changes that hadn’t existed pre-lockdown:

  • Being particularly ‘needy’,  following you everywhere around the house or always trying to get into your personal space.
  • Jumping up, pawing at you, licking you or simply bugging you to play with them.
  • Making a mess when you’re busy doing something else to get your attention.

Are you worried that your pet might misbehave and mess up your house when they are left alone again at home? Fret not, here’s a concise and helpful guide for you to ease its transition from lockdown to normal life:

Fur Tip #1: Introduce Change Gradually

Consistency is key when it comes to introducing change for your pets. It is important to make sure that your pet does not have to deal with the sudden and drastic transition from constantly being in a crowded home to an empty one. Where possible, make changes gradually and make the alternative rewarding for your pet. 

Fur Tip #2: Make Leaving and Returning Home Unexciting!

Are you always excited to see your pet when you return home? We know, it’s hard to resist bombarding your pets with all the pent-up excitement from seeing them after a long day, but staying calm is key to settle your pets into being more adaptable at home alone. Make sure your greetings are quiet and restrained.

 Fur Tip #3: Give Your Pet A Safe Space

Make sure your pet is left in a safe space that it is familiar with and where it can stay in its comfort zone. The safe space can be a bed, a favorite corner or anywhere in the house that they want to be – ensure that they have access to these places. Do not lock your pet in a room that it does not frequently go to as this may trigger undesirable behavioral problems that will be hard to deal with in the future.

Fur Tip #4: Turn On Some Sound While You’re Away

Our pets are pretty much just like us, they need some form of entertainment when they are alone at home. Surely, you will be really bored too if you stay in silence all day long. 

You should definitely check out Relax My Dog,  a virtual pet-sitter that allows you to access a wide range of music and videos specially designed to help dogs overcome anxiety, loneliness and stress. 

Fur Tip #5: Distract With Treats & Tunes

Treats and toys are great ways to prevent your pup from experiencing separation anxiety. It is specially made to give your dogs plenty of opportunities to run, explore and play all day, while you are not present with them physically.

Using the Petkix Dog Camera, you can toss treats and talk to them via a 2-way audio to calm or distract your pup.


A Petkix Camera also helps you monitor your pooch’s progress remotely smart alerts that alerts you when your dog is getting active, barking or whining. 



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