How To Train Your Dog To Walk Calmly On Its Leash


Are you wondering how to leash train your dog to walk peacefully by your side, stopping when you stop, turning when you turn, and staying calm when walking by other people and their pets? Leash discipline is a huge challenge for most dog owners, but it's definitely well worth the effort to cultivate! Here’s a simple and concise guide to make your leash training a breeze.

Rewards Your Dog To Cultivate Good Behaviors

The most effective way to start teaching your dog to have good walking behaviors is to reward it for obeying your commands and walking in the desired position right next to you or close to you. This motivates your dog to walk properly beside you and directs them towards the right habits. Use special treats when starting, such as small chunks of boiled chicken or beef jerky. These tasty incentives will be sure to entice your dog to follow your instructions.

Play the “Follow Me” Game

While holding on to the leash, move a few steps backward away from your pooch. Such backward movement is inviting, and your dog will be likely to run around and head towards you. Praise and pat your dog on its head as it approaches you, then immediately reward your fur kid with a delicious treat.

Repeat this game several times until your dog is actively following you while you move away from it. By doing so, builds trust with your dog and trains it to carry with you.

Teach Good Leash Discipline Regularly 

  1. With your dog calmly by your side, take a step forward. Your dog should stay close enough to you, either beside or slightly ahead of you. Ensure that the leash remains slack, forming a U-shape from your dog’s collar to your hand.
  2. The moment your dog begins to pull and the leash becomes taut, stop walking. Do NOT allow your dog to move in the direction that it is pulling.
  3. Once your dog stops pulling and the leash becomes loose, offer praise and treats straightaway. Then, continue walking forward again.
  4. Repeat as often as necessary until your dog understands that pulling will prevent it from reaching its intended direction.

Use A Front Clip Harness

You can use a front clip harness if your dog can’t seem to stop pulling on its leash. Dog collars and harnesses that clip on the back promotes more pulling, but these harnesses help train your dog to ignore you and prevent it from pulling you. Therefore, when your dog pulls towards something, the front leash attachment point causes it to pivot around its chest toward you. This method will effectively stop your dog from heading anywhere it wants to.


One of the reasons why dogs misbehave on the leash is because they are overly excited. This can stem from being at home for a prolonged period alone with no entertainment, and they see going outside as their only playtime. You can check out the Petkix 360° Dog Camera, which allows you to accompany your dog and give treats remotely, even when you're not at home. This way, you won't have to worry about your dog bombarding you with pent-up excitement when you head out for a walk!

What Are Your Favorite Dog Walking Tips?

Do you have any additional dog walking tips that dog owners will find useful? Do you let your dog sniff around on walks? Leave a comment below!

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