The Petkix Story

“A world full of happy pets.”  

Petkix was created to keep pet owners connected with their furry friends anytime, anywhere, even when they have to leave their pets alone at home.

Michael T. Nguyen, the founder of Petkix, faced the problem of keeping his pet dog occupied and entertained whenever he was out of the house, and he realized that he wasn’t the only one facing this issue. 

“Leaving your dog home alone can be challenging,” said Michael, “Being a dog parent, the struggle of having to leave my dog was what initially inspired the development of the Petkix Camera.” 

As a result, Petkix was born and has since made its mission to create a world full of happy pets by enabling busy pet owners to care for their fur kids remotely using advanced technology. With the Petkix 360° Camera, they no longer need to worry about meeting their fur babies’ basic needs or being there to play and have fun with them even when they are unable to be physically present by their side. 

Petkix is the only pet camera in the world that boasts a 360-degree view and built-in AI functions to act like a virtual pet-sitter that enables remote pet care. With unparalleled R&D facilities, Petkix is quickly becoming a global leader in the pet-tech scene.

Catch Michael and the dedicated Petkix team from California, Vietnam and Taiwan.


You can check out the Petkix 360° Camera featured on Technobark, Australia Dog Lover, CES 2019

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